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Automated Business
Insights Reports

Deliver business valuations with deeper insights to convert one-off valuations into long-term client engagements with ease.

Fast-track the delivery of a beautiful, industry-leading valuation and assessment report, including scorecards to allow “apples for apples” comparison for every industry sector.

Reports are based on over 300 data points used to automatically calculate company-specific risk, beta and risk weightings—on top of that all-important business valuation.

What used to take weeks is now send-ready in a few hours. Our Business Insight Reports have been refined and developed across 13 years and used to guide hundreds of successful business owner exits.

With in-depth data, it’s the perfect trigger for bigger conversations around opportunities in any client’s business.


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Beautiful reporting ready to send fast.

Only pay for what you use with our per-report model, then on-charge your chosen markup. White labeled to add your brand and theirs, these beautiful Business Insight Reports have been refined and developed across 13 years and used to guide value acceleration for hundreds of business owners. Reports are auto-generated from onboarding questionnaire data and inputs from Xero or your chosen accounting platform.


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The Power of Value Potential

Showing clients a current valuation with potential value projections builds excitement and buy-in.

Capitaliz Value Potential outputs are based on over 150 non-financial data points from the Business Insights Report.

Our algorithm quantifies the “value gap” in the business, identifies key projects to prioritise for maximum ROI, and shows the expected financial impact.

We use aggregated, depersonalised data from all businesses on the platform to confidently predict value potential by business, industry, or country.


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Easy implementation with analyst resources

Show clients what their business is really worth and give them an implementation plan that details what work would be required to achieve their price expectations. Backed by data based on hundreds of successful business exits and current mid-market conditions, you can advise with greater confidence.


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Get Ready-made Financial Game Plans

Accelerate your processes with the option for automated implementation roadmaps.

High-quality reporting alone won’t earn better clients and referrals. It’s what you’re able to do with that information. An optional add on to your Business Insights Report package, Capitaliz tools can help you to prepare business owners for one of the biggest changes in their finances: moving on from their business. A customisable add-on for those who need itork with owners to:

  • Minimise Capital Gains Tax obligations
  • Secure income to retire or invest
  • Improve fiscal stability in the business
  • Protect their legacy and business goodwill
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Capitaliz adds a service to our portfolio with the active advising between initial valuation and final sale.

Your all-in-one business advisory platform

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