Frequently asked questions

Does Capitaliz have any marketing materials for advisors to use?
  • Once you become an accredited member of the Capitaliz community, you’ll have full access to a host of advisor resources, including our library of marketing assets. The library includes a year’s worth of blog posts, articles, and various digital for you to use at your discretion. 
  • Another great asset is Craig West’s book "It All Begins With Insights." It’s an eighty-page dive into the best ways to start the implementation process. As an accredited advisor, we can even ship to you physical copies to use for client leave-behind. Please feel free to have a complimentary digital version of the book yourself with this link.
What kind of support does Capitaliz give to advisors?
  • Our Capitaliz experts are ready to help you every step of the way. Our advisor success team is there to help in any capacity possible. Whether it’s one-on-one sessions to brainstorm implementation strategies or help understanding the analysis, you’re not alone.
  • Capitaliz is a community. Once accredited, you’ll have the opportunity to regularly network and brainstorm with other likeminded advisors throughout the country.
  • Whether it’s our monthly user forum where you can get guidance from the collective experience of our community, or scheduling meetings with our platform experts, Capitaliz is here for you.
How much time is required to create a Business Insights Report (BIR)?
  • You’ll spend about an hour facilitating a one-on-one interview with your client. You’ll also need to upload the client’s financials and adjustments into the system, which may take up to 30 minutes.
  • To prepare a report by yourself as robust and comprehensive as the BIR would take at least 20 hours for very experienced analysts.
How long until I get a complete Business Insights Report (BIR)?

Reports are usually complete in a few days. When the report is ready for your review, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with an advisor success specialist and walk through all aspects of the report, making sure everything is clear and you’re able to present it to your client without a hitch

What happens if my client provided incorrect information, like an error in the income statement?

We’ve all been there: the client doesn’t realize he gave you outdated information until you present your analysis. Don’t worry. The BIR review process gives you the opportunity to review the report with your client and your team before the report is finalized.

How do you develop your benchmarking analysis?

Benchmarking is done with the assistance of some of the most sophisticated third-party sets, creating an apples-to-apples benchmark for your client’s firm – same industry, same market, and same size.

How can I explain the significance of the financial gap analysis to my clients?

No business enjoys lagging the competition, but sometimes it’s just a matter of fact. When your client is behind, we show you where and by how much. Then we explain how it impacts their profitability – to the dollar. You’ll know where the problem lies so you can attack it, on the road to making your client’s firm best in class.

Are the implementation roadmaps made for me, and can I modify them?
  • The implementation roadmap is your North Star for keeping projects on track and members of each implementation team accountable. Each roadmap is auto generated for you, based on the firm’s BIR. You’ll then have full access to customize the roadmap to best suit you and your client’s needs.
  • The suite lets you see and set tasks, duration, priority, status, and critical dates for completion. It’s also a communication hub for asking questions and gathering client documentation.
Can I give access to the company dashboard to my client?

Yes you can. The Capitaliz platform was designed for collaboration between advisors and client in order to provide full transparency and results in real time. Through the dashboard you can track progress and assign tasks.

Can I invite members of my team to the project management suite?

Yes, and it’s as easy as inputting the team member’s email and hitting “send.”

What if I only want to provide a contractor with access to the project management suite on a need-to-know basis?

You have complete control to share full or limited visibility of the roadmap with any member of your team.

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