Capitaliz Subscription Pricing

Capitaliz Accreditation Fee

$4,800 One-Time Payment

Advisors must be Capitaliz Accredited prior to using the Capitaliz platform. Capitaliz Academy is self-paced online learning, which takes less than 20 hours to complete, including a final exam.

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$2000 First report free


Monthly Access Fee*

$99 Monthly / Per Client


  • Business project dashboard
  • Full client valuation and document history
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Shared stakeholder access to implementation process
*Your subscription will be activated once you have completed the Capitaliz Accreditation.

Business Insights Report

$2,000 Per Report

Start by creating a Business Insights Report, which generates a result based upon our proprietary scoring mechanism. The Business Insights Report provides an Overall Insight Score: An aggregate score of financial, non-financial, exit and sale readiness, and credit and benchmarking comparisons.

First Report Free $2,000
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