You are reading: Modernising data infrastructure for the mid-market

Craig West

Founder & Chairman

The co-founders of Polyture, Jared Zhao and Kyle Foley join this week’s episode. Polyture is the first fully-featured, easy to use data infrastructure platform specifically designed for the mid-market, facilitating the company to become a modern, data driven enterprise. Aiming to modernise mid-market companies and empower small teams within large enterprises, Polyture took similar software that top end companies the likes of Facebook and Google use, and adapted the tools and platform to cater the mid-market. These features include visibility into accounting, CRMs, VRPs and measuring the performance of different initiatives that are taken within the business.

Kyle and Jared identified the reoccurring issue mid-market businesses were consistently facing: an overwhelming amount of data, with no structural organisation or system to sort and refine such masses of information. Recognising the mid-market being underserved with current data solutions, Polyture was founded to be used by those with average data skills and no data-science programming background to integrate masses of information from all systems, with features such as integration, real-time data timelines, insights and forecasts -the applications of Polyture are endless

Today's Guests

Jared Zhao


Kyle Foley


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