You are reading: Capitaliz Insights // Mark Dorman

Craig West

Founder & Chairman

In this week’s episode of Capitaliz Insights, Craig interviews Mark Dorman, the founder of the Legacy Advisors Network (LAN), a professional community of advisors specializing in guiding private and family businesses through succession and transition planning. As one of the early adopters of the Capitaliz platform in North America, Mark shares his professional background and journey into exit planning, as well as how he discovered Capitaliz and incorporated it into his practice.

During the interview, Mark provides insights into how he and his team leverage the platform’s features to streamline their workflow and engage with clients more effectively. Additionally, he discusses how the Capitaliz platform has helped him grow his business and better serve the needs of his clients.

Join us for this engaging conversation to learn more about Mark’s experience with exit planning and how the Capitaliz platform can help advisors like him succeed in the industry.


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