Know your next move with valuation roadmaps

Evaluate and advise with confidence. Capitaliz generates intelligent dynamic recommendations based upon our 21-Step Business Succession & Exit Planning process.

Quantify your clients' progress with business scorecards

Collate data from multiple sources to create a scorecard of your client’s exit readiness, credit readiness, financial metrics, non-financial metrics, and other key areas.

Get mid-market business insights quarterly with VPI™ Report access

Create powerful, value-accelerating strategies. Our VPI algorithm is powered by nearly 1 million data points collected over 12 years, tracking key metrics that drive valuations and project potential value over time.

Demonstrate the value of your advice with progress reporting

Become invaluable to clients by demonstrating the progress they have made towards a successful exit, shareable on a client-facing dashboard.

Progress Reporting - Capitaliz

Make sense of financials fast with Account System integration

Our SME valuation tool connects with Account systems to automatically update in step with client financials.

Account System Integration - Capitaliz

Capitaliz adds a service to our portfolio with the active advising between initial valuation and final sale.

No one program was able to offer the details I wanted and my clients were looking for until Capitaliz. It’s sophisticated and easy to use. I could not be happier!

I can see how this tool is going to become an invaluable part of my arsenal in selling, planning and delivering better exit solutions for my clients.

The Capitaliz system and the resulting Business Insights Report not only allows me to provide best of class service but it also puts me at the top of the industry in Canada.

This service and program is the business bootcamp you will need to ensure your exit goes well and are rewarded for your investment.

Partner with Capitaliz today to strengthen your business advisory capabilities.