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Automated Business
Insights Reports

Business valuations with deeper insights help convert one-off valuations into long-term client engagements with ease.

The Capitaliz Business Insights Report was built by exit planners for exit planners.

Fast-track the delivery of a beautiful, industry-leading valuation and assessment report, including scorecards to allow “apples for apples” comparison for every industry sector.

Reports are based on over 300 data points used to automatically calculate company-specific risk, beta and risk weightings—on top of that all-important business valuation.

What used to take weeks is now send-ready in a few hours. Our Business Insight Reports have been refined and developed across 13 years and used to guide hundreds of successful business owner exits.


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Convert more one-off clients into ongoing engagements.

No time for more clients? Build stronger advisory relationships to nurture your current client base. With Capitaliz, you’ll have the data and frameworks to confidently advise more clients more often, without the tedious admin or hustle for new leads. If delivering better client service in a way that earns you more business from your best clients sounds good, we should talk.

Secret two

The Power of Value Potential

Showing clients a current valuation with potential value projections builds excitement and buy-in.

Capitaliz Value Potential outputs are based on over 150 non-financial data points from the Business Insights Report.

Our algorithm quantifies the “value gap” in the business, identifies key projects to prioritise for maximum ROI, and shows the expected financial impact.

We use aggregated, depersonalised data from all businesses on the platform to confidently predict value potential by business, industry, or country.

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Secret three

A Proven Roadmap Instantly

Nurture every engagement with next steps to manage and visualise the business development progress.

Get an instant framework to show clients how to improve business value while protecting their legacy and personal wealth.

With the Capitaliz 21-Step Implementation Roadmap, you’re better able to help clients identify, protect, accelerate, unlock, and manage value in privately owned businesses.

Each Roadmap is automatically generated with advice based on over 10 years of real-world business sales and successions.

To clients, it’s a beautifully intelligent implementation roadmap. For you, it represents a deeper advisory engagement over 18 to 24 months.

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Collaborate and maintain control through your dashboard

Are committee meetings and fragmented email chains slowing your impact? Keep everyone in the loop and on track no matter the project’s complexity. Capitaliz allows exit planners to engage with multiple stakeholders (such as CPAs, boards and attorneys) and stay in control using simple access permissions within your firm or for the client’s users.

Secret four

Prove the value of your advice with Dynamic Revaluation

Instantly recalculate the market value of the business as you get it exit ready.

Capitaliz encourages your clients to record their progress through the prioritised projects identified by the initial Business Insights Report.

Automatic nudges and notifications create accountability for project activities and updates across the entire team.

The platform then automatically calculates the valuation impact with each achievement and updates the client dashboard  instantly recalculating the market value of any business.

Known as Dynamic Revaluation, Capitaliz tracks the the value acceleration over time, highlighting the value of your advice over the five stages of exit planning value.

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Ready to work smarter?

The nature of business consultancy, valuations and exit planning has changed for good. Don’t wait to accelerate your processes with automated implementation plans and high-quality reporting that earns better clients and repeat business.

I can see how this tool is going to become an invaluable part of my arsenal in selling, planning and delivering better exit solutions for my clients.

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