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Automated Business Insights Reports with Every Valuation

Quickly deliver business valuations with a snapshot of the client's market position in the industry and region.

Business valuations with deeper insights help convert one-off valuations into long-term client engagements with ease.

Business advisors love the Capitaliz Business Insights Report generator, a tool that quickly applies financial and non-financial factors to any SME valuation.

Fast-track the delivery of a beautiful, industry-leading valuation and assessment report, including scorecards to allow “apples for apples” comparison for every industry sector.

Reports are based on over 300 data points used to automatically calculate company-specific risk, beta and risk weightings—on top of that all-important business valuation.


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Reporting that used to take weeks is now send-ready in hours.

Our Business Insight Reports have been refined and developed across 13 years and used to guide value acceleration for hundreds of business owners. Reports are auto-generated from onboarding questionnaire data and inputs from Xero or your chosen accounting platform. The comprehensive report is verified by Capitaliz to flag potential value-gaps in the business with recommendations on how to mitigate them.

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The Power of Value Potential

Capitaliz Value Potential outputs are based on over 150 non-financial data points from the Business Insights Report.

It’s now easy for owners and leadership to see where they can grow value in the business. Value Potential data also helps keep expectations in check for the owners’ eventual “exit event” — be that sale of the business, succession or merger.

  • Quantify the “value gap” in the business
  • Identify critical projects for clients to prioritise
  • Demonstrate the expected financial impact

Value Potential is derived from aggregated, depersonalised data of all businesses on the platform to confidently predict value potential by business, industry, or country.


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Collaborate and maintain control through the Capitaliz dashboard

Now you can focus on key client relationships while having an assistant manage the data entry. Capitaliz keeps everyone in the loop and on track no matter the business sale complexity. Cover your bases by sharing information with relevant stakeholders (such as CPAs and attorneys). You’re always in control with intuitive access permissions within your firm or on the client-side dashboard.


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Play the Long Game with Exit Planning Implementation

Plug into exit planning tools that help you move clients from short-term wins to long-term strategies.

Our business advisor clients know that the data-driven Business Insights Reports alone are worth more than the price of Capitaliz.

However, many have also decided to grow their offering and manage exit planning services for their clients with our 21-Step Implementation Roadmap.

Through the Capitaliz Academy Accreditation Process, your team can start helping owner-sellers through the five stages of value acceleration and extraction, ensuring financial and tax affairs are in order for retirement or the investing next venture.


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Ready to work smarter with better evaluation and risk analysis?

The nature of business consultancy, valuations and exit planning has changed for good. Get access to the kind of analysis tools usually only available to the big four accountancies in major mergers. It’s time to accelerate your valuation processes with automated high-quality reporting that earns better clients and more referral business.


The Capitaliz system and the resulting Business Insights Report not only allows me to provide best of class service but it also puts me at the top of the industry in Canada.

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