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Craig West

Founder & Chairman
How Capitaliz saves advisors time and money

Those keenly aware that the Baby Boomer retirement wave is well underway now know it’s coming faster than predicted. Many advisory firms are looking for Business Valuation Software to capitalize on the owner exodus but struggle to scale to the amount of clientele who require their services. So, what if their valuation software could actually guide the entire exit process?

Pew Research Centre analysis shows the pace of Boomer retirements has accelerated since the pandemic began. Over the coming decade, we will see one of the greatest transitions of wealth in history as those born between 1946 and 1964 age out of their leadership role and transition business assets to successors, undergo an M&A, or sell their share of the company.

Today alone, ~200 business owners in North America will reach the traditional retirement age, many without a plan for how they will actually fund their lifestyle into the future. And the enormous cohort of Gen X business owners will be in the same spot in just a few years.

Owners may have a vague idea of selling their business or unlocking the value through succession planning tools. While they may not admit it, most are also struck with a fear of the unknown and subconsciously resistant to the inevitable change. Perhaps most concerning is that those who haven’t fully prepared their businesses are missing out potential value, with as many as 75% of those who have sold up profoundly regretted their exit one year after leaving.

The salve to both the financial and emotional elements of this equation is providing a sense of certainty. As Capitaliz Accredited Advisor, you’ll not only be able to value a business but to identify risks that drive down the valuation and provide a roadmap to remedy the situation.

“Sure,” you might say, “Helping clients maximize value is what I’ve always done.” Well, as a platform designed by exit planners, for exit planners, we’ve created Succession Planning tools that also add value to your business.

If you’re an advisor looking to streamline the succession planning process, create retirement plans that are more robust, and provide clients with accurate business valuations, we think you’ll love this.

Automated Business Valuation Reports

Capitaliz is cloud-based software that modern advisors use to build better businesses, communicate their value and strategically grow — all while working less.

The CRM – not really a CRM element of the platform allows you to collaborate with the client from anywhere to gather financial and non-financial information. And rather than taking weeks to prepare and finesse the report, it takes as little as 10 days 4 hours to generate an in-depth, 65-page valuation report, including business scorecards and recommendations for your review.

The flat-fee structure for each report also includes a review by a Capitaliz analyst to ensure that recommendations align with best practice.

Build meaningful relationships with clients.

Traditionally, a large part of your work as an advisor has been toiling nights and weekends to deliver recommendations, hours that the client never really sees. By automating the tedious parts of exit planning, you can create the space for more face-to-face time and follow-ups about implementing the plan, overcoming roadblocks, and generally servicing clients who have higher-touch needs.

Measurable results to prove the value of your advice.

With the Capitaliz succession planning tools, you can show clients the impact their actions are having through the Value Potential module. As recommendations are actioned, that data is plotted against 1-million data points to automatically generate an updated valuation in the near, mid and long-term.

Through beta-testing Capitaliz with a core group of business advisors we’ve also gathered feedback about the time and cost savings to advisors as well:

↑ Prospect to client / ongoing advisory engagement rate by 90%
↓ Plan time turnaround reduced by 50%
↑ Production run rate boosted by an average of 22% with fewer resources
↑ Business net profitability increased by an average of 12%

Scale your advisory business with minimal outlay.

To support advisors and advisory firms in learning to deliver all the advantages of Capitaliz succession planning tools, we created the Capitaliz Academy e-learning platform. Completing the modules of the course takes, on average, 20 hours, with a final exam. Graduates of the platform also receive one free included Business Insights Report ($2,000 wholesale price) to action in a real-world setting. We’re so confident of the value that Capitaliz brings to advisors that we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days.

Connect and share information privately.

If you work with a team or as part of an organization, each client dashboard can be shared with relevant Capitaliz license-holders within your firm. Collaboration and handovers are easy — especially important for mitigating unforeseen leave or employee exits.

Business and financial information is encrypted in-transit and at rest using industry-standard encryption technologies to provide peace of mind to you and your clients.

Insights to help clients foresee tax, legal, financial and operational risk.

While we can’t claim to be a financial planning or legal advice tool, Capitaliz insights provide useful ‘red flags’ that could require input from professional services. Your clients can also share their report and roadmap with the relevant industry personnel to keep all advisors on the same page. Financial planners and corporate law specialists can also rely on Capitaliz to guide their own clients through exit planning — an additional service category without the usual painful administration.

In conclusion

If you’re looking to scale the exit planning offering of your advisory services without the hassle of hiring or outsourcing additional resources, Capitaliz could well be the platform you’re looking for. For many users, it’s changed the way they do business, including targeting larger companies with confidence.

Explore the full range of Succession Planning tools included with your subscription — such as Valuation Roadmap, Business Scorecards, VPI™ Report Access and Progress Reporting — by booking a free demo.

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