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Craig West

Founder & Chairman

In the exhilarating journey of exiting your business like a boss, we arrive at a topic that might not be at the top of your list: estate planning. Yet, considering the inevitable course of life, it’s a critical step that ensures your hard-earned assets find their rightful destinations when you’re no longer around. Let’s discuss why estate planning is a vital aspect of your exit strategy.

The Inevitability of the Future

No one likes to dwell on the notion of their mortality. However, the truth remains that life follows its course, and we must prepare for the inevitable. Whether it’s through passing away or facing a health crisis, we need to ensure our assets are protected and allocated according to our wishes.

Certainty of Outcome

Estate planning offers certainty of outcome. It involves crafting a will and estate planning document that clearly dictates what happens to your assets post your absence. This is particularly crucial if you’ve used asset protection structures like trusts, super funds, or companies, as it defines how these assets are managed and who benefits from them.

Navigating Modern Challenges

Today, we face additional challenges such as dementia that could render us legally unable to sign a will or estate plan. It’s not just about planning for death; it’s also about planning for incapacity. This is where powers of attorney come into play, allowing someone else to handle your affairs when you cannot. All these elements – wills, estate plans, powers of attorney – are interconnected and contribute to a comprehensive strategy.

Learning from Past Mistakes

We can draw valuable lessons from unfortunate instances where proper estate planning was overlooked. Imagine having successfully sold your business, receiving a substantial payout, but failing to formalize your estate plan. In a tragic twist of fate, an unforeseen accident claims you. The absence of a will and estate plan leaves your family in a legal and financial predicament, overshadowing an already tragic event.

Given these possibilities, the urgency to draft a solid estate plan cannot be overstated. Seek the expertise of financial advisors and lawyers to guide you through this process. It might involve several steps and a plethora of documents, but the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected and provided for is priceless.

Continuing the ‘Exit Like a Boss’ Journey

Exiting your business isn’t a conclusion, but a transition to the next chapter. It’s about securing your legacy, ensuring that the wealth you’ve accumulated enriches the lives of your family and supports causes close to your heart. The journey continues, and estate planning is a pivotal part of it.

In conclusion, embrace estate planning as a responsible and forward-thinking business owner. It’s a way to protect and provide for your loved ones, preserving the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build. The essence of exiting like a boss extends beyond the sale – it’s about securing your legacy and ensuring a bright future for those you care about.

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