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Craig West

Founder & Chairman

Retirement planning is a critical aspect of financial security, yet it remains a complex and often daunting task for many business owners.  

A recent CNN article reported data on what impacts can be expected due to the increasingly high number of individuals to reach retirement age, 65, this year in the United States. The report highlights the challenges faced by individuals in securing their retirement plans, particularly through insurance annuities. As an advisor, it’s essential that your business owner clients have a robust strategy that not only safeguards their future but also maximizes the value of their hard-earned assets.


Enter Capitaliz, a comprehensive retirement solution designed with business owners in mind. 

Capitaliz understands the unique financial landscape of entrepreneurship and offers tailored services to ensure a smooth transition into retirement.  

Here’s how working with Capitaliz can help you guide your clients through the retirement planning process and avoid common pitfalls: 

1. Personalized Retirement Strategies:

Capitaliz specializes in creating personalized retirement plans that align with an owner’s business goals and personal aspirations. By considering factors such as the business’s valuation, growth trajectory, and exit strategy, Capitaliz ensures that the retirement plan is a perfect fit for your client’s individual needs. 


2. Business Valuation and Succession Planning:

Knowing the worth of the business is crucial for retirement planning. Capitaliz provides accurate and up-to-date business valuations, giving a clear picture of an owner’s financial standing. Additionally, Capitaliz assists advisors in the succession planning process, ensuring that your client’s business legacy continues even after their retirement. 


3. Diversification of Investments:

Many business owners have a large portion of their wealth tied up in the business and related assets – these are often hard to value and illiquid. Helping your clients to create a significant company means getting it ready to sell – and that strategy must include extracting wealth from within the business for external investment to fund retirement.  


4. Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies:

Capitaliz encourages planning and is based on the five stages of value: identify, protect, maximize, extract, and manage.   

Effective planning means the ability to properly plan (and therefore minimize) taxation impact on retirement funding. By working with your business owner clients to optimize the withdrawal process from retirement accounts, Capitaliz ensures that they retain more of their hard-earned money.


5. Continuous Support and Education: 

Retirement planning is an ongoing process, and many owners working with Capitaliz advisors spend over 18 – 24 months to maximize the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.  

Capitaliz provides continuous support and a framework to continue to work on the business and focus on value acceleration, ensuring the owner can realize the value within the business. Capitaliz advisors are also given access to educational resources to keep them, and their clients, informed about the latest trends and changes in the retirement landscape. This proactive advisor approach empowers business owners to make informed decisions throughout their retirement journey. 


In conclusion, Capitaliz is your partner in making sure your owner clients can secure a financially stable and worry-free retirement. With a focus on personalized strategies, business valuation, investment diversification, tax efficiency, and continuous support, Capitaliz addresses the concerns raised in the CNN article and helps to position owners for a successful retirement.  

Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that Capitaliz has your back every step of the way. 


Schedule a personalized platform demo at the following link and see for yourself how Capitaliz is the smart way to help your business owner clients secure their retirement:  


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