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When I first started succession and exit planning in 2009 there were few tools available, and nothing specifically designed to evaluate businesses and map out the best course of action to maximise business value and achieve a successful exit.


I started to build tools, templates and checklists for each client I worked with, added to them and updated them along the way and built a five stage, 21 step process which forms the core methodology which underpins Capitaliz. Having worked with over 700 mid-market businesses , their owners and advisers over 10 years, I know the process works and have constantly refined the tools – in order to deliver these tools to be used by any adviser, anywhere, at scale we created Capitaliz.


We have a core group of very talented professionals who are focused on using this platform to help as many owners as possible to maximise business value.

What drives us

The number of businesses in Australia and the total value of those business assets is substantial and this is of course, much larger internationally. Therefore, any work that can be done to improve the likelihood of those owners being able to adopt, implement and successfully exit using the most appropriate strategy should be of genuine interest and concern to all stakeholders.

Understanding the key drivers of exit choice and empowering both owners and advisers to better understand their options and the key factors that drive exit choice has significant economic impact. The baby boomer demographic is an international issue, widely sprouted as the “largest transfer of wealth in history.” A large part of that wealth is made up of privately held businesses and successfully exiting can be a life changing event for the owner/s.

Our hope is that Capitaliz contributes to a far better understanding of exit strategies and their drivers and some of the critical opportunities to improve outcomes for business owners by accelerating business value.

Our Experts

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Craig West

Founder & Chairman

Chris Nelson

Chief Technical Officer

Nicholas Foster

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Walters

Exit Planning Advice Specialist North America

Amreeta Abbott

Board Member

Don Poole

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Flack

Board Member

Capitaliz is a fast growth fintech SAAS, establishing a footprint in international markets, with a solid base in Australasia as the Regions’ largest Business Succession & Exit Planning Consultancy.

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