Powered by Succession Plus, based on millions of exit planning data-points.

With Capitaliz, SMEs now have a purpose-built tool to deal with benchmarking and comparison with industry competitors to identify over or underperformance. Business owners can access real-time, benchmarked data on the value of their business.

Know how much you're worth, then how to increase that value.

Capitaliz does more than confirm your business' value. Intelligent recommendations guide that value upwards through business development approaches such as process improvement, reducing risks, and creating sustainable growth.

  • Value any Small to Medium Enterprise
  • Benchmark to comparative businesses
  • Track improvement in value over time
  • Facilitate sale offers, funding, succession, and exits

Develop your exit plan based on data, not guesses.

Up to 83%1 of Australian businesses have no business succession or exit plan, or have failed to document one, and the majority of these have founders or owners within 10 years of retirement.

70-80%2 of businesses fail to sell on the first attempt. Of those that do, the vast majority of sellers regret their sale within 12 months and very few are satisfied with the price or terms. It's never too soon to ‘begin with the end in mind.'

(1) Succession Plus Market Research
(2) KPMG & Family Business Australia 2015

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How Capitaliz generates value for your business

Stage 1 Identify Value

We fact find and understand your goals to generate the Stage One Report, including estimated business value.

Stage 2 Protect Value

We look at financial planning, preparing contingencies for unplanned events, and de-risking.

Stage 3 Maximise Value

Investigate exit options, set up the right systems and procedures, and ensure good governance is in place.

Stage 4 Extract Value

Tax planning and documentation ahead of your exit, and planning for the liquidity event.

Stage 5 Manage Value

Advice around ongoing investment planning, asset protection, and estate planning.

Start with your Capitaliz Business Insights Report.

The Capitaliz Business Insights Report offers dynamic valuation, which reflects changes in performance by adjusting business risk with real-time valuations, on-demand. Once your data is entered, you'll receive the first report which can:

  • Attract potential acquirers if you plan to sell, or identify the right opportunity if you intend to invest, lend or buy.
  • Help establish and fund an ESOP; or,
  • Be used as part of a succession plan to sell all or part of the business.

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You're in good company with Capitaliz

Powered by Succession Plus and our partners

Succession Plus are the Asia Pacific’s specialists in strategic advice for business succession and exit planning. Over the last ten years, Succession Plus Accredited Advisors have helped hundreds of business owners maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.

  • Craig West
    Craig West Founder
    Craig West

    Craig West

    Founder B.Bus (Mgmt), M.Tax Law, M.Bus (Acct/Fin), CEPAr

    Craig West is a strategic accountant who has over 20 years' experience advising business owners.

    With a background as an accountant in practice and two Masters degrees, Craig formed a very strong view that the majority of business owners (and often their advisers) were unprepared and unaware of the steps required to prepare for exit. Craig then designed and documented the unique Succession + 21 Step process to assist owners and their advisers navigate this process.

    Craig West now acts as a strategic business and financial mentor for mid-market business owners. Craig has written four critically acclaimed books educating business owners on employee incentives, succession planning, asset protection and exit strategies., and is competing doctoral research in using ESOP’s for succession.

  • Danielle Nugent
    Danielle Nugent Chief Executive Officer
    Danielle Nugent

    Danielle Nugent

    Chief Executive Officer MEI, DFP,AAICD.

    Danielle brings a depth of both Corporate and SME experience across B2B and B2C channels, in strategy, leadership, change management and executive coaching. In over 2 decades, Danielle has worked with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs, having specialised in working with Principals of Financial Planning Firms and their Teams, implementing strategies for growth, high performance, succession and exit.

  • Don Poole
    Don Poole Chief Financial Officer
    Don Poole

    Don Poole

    Chief Financial Officer B. Bus, CPA, CTA Registered Co Auditor and Tax Agent, CEPA

    Having run his own Accountancy Practice for over 40 years, Don brings a wealth of strategic financial, structural and tax experience to the Group. Don is also a Co Founder and Director of Succession+.

  • Vitalii Symon
    Vitalii Symon Chief Technology Officer
    Vitalii Symon

    Vitalii Symon

    Chief Technology Officer M. Software Design

    Vitalii has more than 20 years of experience in software development, across various industries, including fintech, pharmaceutical, oil, and others.

    He is a founder and CTO of NowInfinity Pty Ltd – an online documentation and compliance platform, servicing more than half a million of Australian businesses. The company was successfully sold to publicly listed entity in 2020 for A$25m.

  • Artem Yagofarov
    Artem Yagofarov Business Analyst
    Artem Yagofarov

    Artem Yagofarov

    Business Analyst M Acc, B Com

    Artem has broad experience and a depth of capability as a Business Analysist and Project Manager across a number of Industries including fintech, financial services, software, transport and logistics, manufacturing and utilities

  • Amreeta Abbott
    Amreeta Abbott Non-Executive Director
    Amreeta Abbott

    Amreeta Abbott

    Non-Executive Director B. Acc & Fin

    Amreeta is the founder of many businesses, mostly known for the Fintech business NowInfinity which disrupted & innovated the legal, accounting & financial services space through technology. NowInfinity was acquired by the ASX listed company Class Limited for $25mill in 2020.

    Amreeta is an award-winning entrepreneur and passionate thought leader in the fintech space, well known for her ability to create new opportunities through vision and smart partner integrations.

  • Mark Flack
    Mark Flack Non-Executive Director
    Mark Flack

    Mark Flack

    Non-Executive Director B. Acc

    Mark is a highly experienced business leader and successful Entrepreneur. Mark has been a Partner and Director of Regatta Capital Property Lenders for over 14 years and Managing Director of Financial Consulting Firm, Peak Partners. Mark also represents The SME Association of Australia as Partnership Director, Australia.