Streamline Business Exit Strategies

Valuation meets value acceleration

Powered by millions of exit planning data points, Capitaliz helps advisors deliver accurate valuations and consistent guidance for mid-market businesses.

Work smarter, not harder

Deliver Business Succession & Exit Planning at scale

Build your client base by identifying, protecting, maximizing and extracting the $10 trillion tied up in privately owned businesses.

Capitaliz maps out the entire exit planning process step-by-step, with automated reporting and more.

The Capitaliz platform provides a proven roadmap for growing your business alongside your clients’. Improve efficiency and reduce your admin workload with our scalable business valuation, succession advice, and exit planning tools. Collaborate across your office and the world with a Capitaliz business account.

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Our Methodology

Insights from VPI™ for industry-wide analysis

The Capitaliz proprietary Value Potential Index report provides rolling quarterly insights into valuations across the mid-market sector.








I am so excited, this ecosystem is extraordinary, every business owner needs a business insights report, and every practicing CEPA needs this engagement platform

The Capitaliz system and the resulting Business Insights Report not only allows me to provide best of class service but it also puts me at the top of the industry in Canada.

No one program was able to offer the details I wanted and my clients were looking for until Capitaliz. It’s sophisticated and easy to use. I could not be happier!

Capitaliz adds a service to our portfolio with the active advising between initial valuation and final sale.

I can see how this tool is going to become an invaluable part of my arsenal in selling, planning and delivering better exit solutions for my clients.

This service and program is the business bootcamp you will need to ensure your exit goes well and are rewarded for your investment.

You're in good company with Capitaliz

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